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“We ignite your transformation - You Own Your Change”


If you grow, your business will grow with you!

Business Coaching by Own Your Change is built on the foundation of the following beliefs. People are the essence of a well-driven company, and that is why it is so important to meet people where they are - “We all like our own freedom to think and explore”. We like to take control of our time at work.

We trust that people can be more productive and motivated by thinking consciously about what they can improve, and that way they can develop themselves. That is why we support you in cultivating your learning culture by supporting people at an individual level.

Today, you must invest in people, in order to secure your future relevance. It is all about innovation on the run, understanding market trends, stakeholder and customer requirements and very important Co-Grow, attract and retain people.

We care about releasing the full potential that lies within you and your business, which is why we truly believe that:  a better You equals a better Us.

“We ignite your transformation - You Own Your Change”

                                          ABOUT TRANSFORMATIVE COACHING

Basically, there are two things you need to know about 'Transformative Coaching'.

1. It has the ability to make big positive changes in a very short time.

2. Not all coaching is transformative.

Specifically, 'Transformative Coaching' is about getting to the heart of change right from the start, and it's about using the three key transformative principles in coaching practice.


The principle of the mind

Mind refers to facets of intellect, consciousness and unconsciousness - these are thoughts, senses, memory, emotions, wills, beliefs, desires, perceptions and imagination, etc. The mind is the flow of brain processes. These flows follow patterns that we, for example, have taught ourselves through life. The flows control our mental activity. So if you want to change the patterns, it requires that we work with the mind. Fortunately, the brain is receptive to change.

The principle of consciousness

Consciousness is a kind of personal filter of our world / thoughts. Without consciousness, we would not be aware of anything. When we pay attention to something, we are aware of it.

In other words, when we are aware of something, for example our thoughts, we are able to direct our attention to those thoughts and decide whether we want to maintain the thoughts or change them.

The principle of thoughts

Being able to think gives us the ability to see life. Everything we are ever going to experience or have experienced is driven by the forces of thought.

Thoughts are controlled by our minds and thoughts control our actions, emotions and behaviors. The thoughts are often something we do not even think about - but they are there all the time. If you want to change some of your reaction patterns, it requires that you change some of your thought patterns.

Own your change - if you want something new

Hey life is short, right? 

We guess we all know how it is to be caught up in daily routines, stocked in rabbit holes, decision making affected by cognitive biases, loosing sights...in the end of yourselves. It is human, It is part of living, being passionate, innovative, engaged, caring and part of rapid scalable growth. 

The list of coaching topics are endless, but just to drop you some few lines, here we go.

How to: -improve performance, -free up time, -better decision-making, -prioritize, -balancing your lifecycle, -change communication style, -be more guinuine and present, -let go and empower people, -strengthen your curiosity muscle

Why should you care? Well you have the answer. Our beleif is that life is short. Also we are surrended by people at work 50 to 70% of our awake time. That means we have a huge shared ownership of really taking care of each other and the only one you can control is you (well not really but at least you can do your best ;)). Everything starts with you. 

Founder, BUSINESS COACHing by Own Your Change

Hey there, my name is Mille,

I have worked with a variety of coaching, counseling, career development, transformation, change leadership, sales and organizational development. I have always been employed as an employee in various company sizes and in parallel I have worked as a transformative coach for, among others, young people, families and business people from employees to executives.

When you team up with a Business Coach by Own Your Change you can expect to meet a Coach who sees each individual differently. Therefore, we do not follow a specific method, but instead emphasize that each Coach has a broad toolbox, a vast amount of experience and the ability to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person and  situations by listening and asking the right curious question.

All of us do our very best to be present and build trust, whether it is physical meeting or online. It is our experience that trust is the breeding ground for confidential conversations and successful change.

Our most important task is to discover what it is that is blocking and hindering you. When we know it, we can help you to become better at breaking through the blockages and overcoming obstacles through various techniques, supportive conversations and tools.

You have to take each step yourself, but your Coach is  right next to you. 

Mille Hertz, Business Coach

Selection of education and experience:

Practical experience: 20 years with coaching clients 

Education: Bachelor, (Business-) Psychotherapist  (4 years edu)  Master Practitioner Coach (2 years of edu) at Danish Neuroscience Institute. 1 year Family Therapy at Aarhus Family Center.

Courses: Sandplay, Trance Therapy and Meditation, Master Coach, MindGym, Graphic Facilitationiewer